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Bird / Budgie 2g 1000 Seeds - Grow your own FRESH food - FREE POST

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Bird Seed Mix
approx 2g
This is a mixture of seeds to be grown, then feed the plants/seeds to your birds
Approx 1000 seeds
Included in the mixture is:
Water cress
Salad burnet
Wild Pansy
Pot marigold
Shepards purse
White clover

Grow these plant, let them seed and feed the seeds to your birds

All above available to buy seperate see my other items

Chickweed: Common chickweed (Stellaria media) is the most important forage plant for birds. Even picky animals love this plant that smells a little bit like spinach. Known as a typical weed, the common chickweed can be found in gardens, on meadows and in forests during the whole year. Even in winter, one can find delicate chickweed plants beneath the snow cover. Budgies prefer half-ripe seed vessels of the common chickweed. When half-ripe, the small seeds are still white and a bit milky, but the birds also like ripe seed vessels. Common chickweed wilts quickly. Therefore, you should always offer only as much as your birds will eat in a short time.

Dandelion: Everybody knows the dandelion (Taraxacum officinale). But most people do not know that the leafs of this common plant are a delicacy for budgies and other pet birds. They all prefer young and fresh sprouts because they taste very mild.

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