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10ml spray bottle

Watering is critical indoors since there is usually a lack of humidity, especially in homes or offices with air conditioning and/or central heating. Regulate spraying according to growing conditions. The amount of watering required will vary according to temperature, light and air movement. As a guide, thoroughly wet your Tillandsia 2-3 times per week; more often in a hot, dry environment; less often in cool, humid conditions. Plants should be given enough light and air circulation and should dry in no longer than 4 hours after watering. Never use tap water where a water softener has been installed. Rain water is ideal.

Generous spray misting is sufficient as a means of watering in average weather conditions. But additional watering will be required in a dry hot environment.

A successful way to water loose plants which are dehydrating, is to totally submerge them in room temperature rain water containing a small amount of fertiliser. They should remain submerged overnight, or at least for a few hours. If submersion is not possible due to them being glued to an arrangement, plants can be held under a running tap, but always shake off excess water, as Tillandsias will not survive in standing water, this will cause the plant to rot.

Under-watering is evident by an exaggerating of the natural concave curve of each leaf.

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