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Field Pansy 150 seeds - FREE POST

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Field Pansy resembles a diminutive version of a garden pansy. It is an erect, branched plant, sometimes scrambling among cereal plants to a height of 40 cm, but often much smaller. Individual plants can become quite large. The leaves are highly variable in shape. The lower leaves are oval, becoming narrower towards the top of the plant. The upper leaves are narrowly oval or spear-shaped. There are also large leafy stipules at the base of the true leaves, deeply divided into narrow lobes. The bilaterally symmetrical flowers have a short spur, measure 8-20mm from top to bottom and are borne singly on long stems. The petals are separate and inclined towards each other to form a shallow cup. The petals are generally cream in colour with a yellow centre, the upper petals are sometimes pale blue or purple. The sepals are as long as the petals, and persist after flowering, enclosing the seed capsule.

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