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The Benefits of Frozen Foods

Many predatory species feed on small mammals and other living prey in the wild. These days however the vast majority of pet Reptiles will feed quite happily on dead prey and the use of freshly killed or live prey is only needed in the most exceptional circumstances, Having an animal that feeds on frozen, dead food makes their maintenance much easier as food can be purchased in bulk and stored until needed. Traditionally frozen foods consisted of whole foods such as Rats. Mice and Chicks. Recently however there has been a lot of development in the formulated food market.

Formulated foods are manufactured from meat or fish and are supplemented with vitamins and minerals to provide a complete diet. They are clean and easy to use and help avoid the often emotive issue of feeding whole foods. These new foods have helped to broaden the spectrum of people who keep snakes and other rodent feeding animals. We also stock a wide range of Gamma frozen fish foods. These are wild collected but then treated after packaging to sterilise them. They are guaranteed pathogen free giving total peace of mind to owners who are worried about introducing disease but want to use natural foods. To ensure that your frozen food arrives at your door in tip top condition, state of the art 'Dry Ice' is used to ship your order. Full instructions are included regarding handling of 'Dry Ice'.