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Komodo Compact Lamp Uvb 10.0 ES, 26 Watt- FREE POST

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The Komodo Compact UVB Lamp provides essential UVB and UVA rays as well as normal light for reptiles. These 10% UVB lamps provide high levels of UVB, suitable for most reptile species that enjoy the sun and those active mainly during the day, such as Bearded Dragons, Mediterranean Tortoises, and many Freshwater Turtles. UVB enables the production of vitamin D3 for healthy bones and helps prevent metabolic bone disease in captive reptiles. UVA is also required by reptiles to help stimulate feeding, digestion and the immune system. The lamp provides a bright white light, with excellent colour rendition to simulate their natural environment. The compact design helps saves space and does not require a ballast. It is also more energy efficient, requiring less power than fluorescent tubes.

Other requirements: Use a polished reflector to maximise the amount of light entering the terrarium and create a highly concentrated and localised UVB/UVA area. UVB output can be doubled by using a reflector. Reptiles also require infrared rays for efficient thermoregulation and metabolism, which can be provided by adding a Daylight Spot Lamp, Basking Spot Lamp, Halogen Spot Lamp or a Ceramic Heat Emitter to create a suitable basking spot.

Safety: Before purchasing and installing any lighting for a reptile, ensure that the bulb specification is compatible with the reptile species and the light fitting. Allow the lamp to cool before handling, and switch off electricity supply before removing and replacing the lamp. Please dispose of lamps and packaging responsibly.

About Komodo: Komodo is a world leading brand in reptile and amphibian care products. Based in the UK, Komodo has built its reputation on delivering responsible reptile care, with an ever expanding range of ethical, well researched products for reptile keepers at all levels, from novices and hobbyists to breeders and professional herpetologists. The Komodo reptile care range is one of the most comprehensive available, including everything from starter kits, habitats and housing, to heating, lighting, substrates, accessories, food and supplements.

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