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Lizard/ Bearded Dragon kit - FREE POST

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Bearded Dragon Kit

Included in this kit

1. 8 packs of seeds RRP: £8.68

2. 500g Limestone flour (Calcium Carbonate) RRP £1.99

3. 2x cuttlefish bones RRP £1.49


  • 1 pack of Bearded Dragon/ Lizard Seed mix 10g

Included in the mix is: White clover, White Lettuce, Red clover, Alslike clover, Crimson Clover, Dandelion, Chicory, Hedge Mustard, Garlic Mustard, Primrose, Plantain.

  • 1 pack of Basil Seeds 200-250 seeds
  • 1 pack of Water Cress 200 seeds
  • 1 pack Rubane Luttuce 50 seeds
  • 1 pack Little Gem Lettuce 100 seeds
  • Wild Rocket Seeds 250 seeds
  • 1 pack of Parsley seeds 250 seeds
  • 1 pack of 3g dandelion seeds

All seeds come with a colour lable

Dandelion seeds and 10g bearded dragon mix are not pictured below (you will be recieving them)

500g Limestone flour

100g Limestone Flour

Limestone flour is pure calcium carbonate, it is used for dusting livefood, adding to food and leaving in a bowl so your animal can help itself

2x Cuttlefish bones

1x Cuttlefish Bones FREE POSTAGE

Another form of calcium some lizards like to chew on these, or you can grate and sprinkle on food

Grow seeds in your windowsill or sprinkle outside for growth in spring/summer

Seeds i have grown in my windowsill:

windowsillweeds001.jpg picture by blonde-sarah

NOW: £10.70

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