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Salad Burnet 5g (1500) seeds - FREE POST

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5g Salad Burnet

Approx 600 seeds

Suitable for all tortoises to eat.

Suitable to add to salads for human use


Also known as Sanguisorba minor. Perennial herbs with plump rounded leaves with scalloped edges. The small pinkish flowers are female only at the apex of the stems, mixed in the middle and male only on the lower portion of the stems. Native to Eurasia, naturalized in North Amercica.


With a cucumber-like flavor, it was commonly included in salads in Europe in the 16th century, especially in winter. Traditionally, this plant and the closely related great burnet, Sanguisorba officinalis have been used to staunch bleeding--records of such use go back to the Han dynasty in China. The foliage contains vitamin C.

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