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Vetark Critical Care Formula, 150g - FREE POST

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Vetark Critical Care Formula, 150g

Although originally formulated with birds in mind, keen users have found that CCF is just as effective for enteral nutrition of reptiles.The product is a mixture of short chain maltodextrins and a protein concentrate supplemented with amino acids. The protein source has been designed to be close to the contents of whole egg protein.

Based on available papers and our own extensive trials with veterinarians with a special interest in reptiles we established a blend which achieved the desired effect. Each 100g contains 361 kcal of energy and 14.4g of protein, this aims to provide 4g protein/100kcal. Made up at 1: 2 it provides 1.4kcal/ml, the osmolality is carefully regulated to ensure efficient absorption.

The product should be made up freshly each time. It is has great benefits over commonly used liquid formulations of easily digestible carbohydrates in that it is a powder and can be stored until a small amount is needed. The liquid formulations used previously generally only provided carbohydrates and also had to be thrown away 24 hours after opening. CCF in powder form remains stable for months provided that the container is sealed and also provides a suitable protein source which counters the hypoproteinaemic states of catabolism.

In reptiles the energy requirements are not well understood particularly the role of temperature. However 1 scoop per 500g -2kg of animal is in line with current recommendations, dilution should be 1 in 3 or greater. Administering CCF to reptiles every 4-5 days is generally sufficient, extra fluids can be given with AVIPRO or REPTOBOOST.

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